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Finding the Knowledge

Today lets talk about finding the knowledge you need from the right people. You can

relate this to everyday life not just your fitness goals. I’ve already told you how I became

interested and started my journey, but those early years working out at home although very

enjoyable I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I got my knowledge from magazine and books

but was overwhelmed with information.

When I got older I joined my first gym and hired a trainer, thinking this was the answer.

Although my workouts were good he gave me very little to no nutrition advise. Although I

had built a good foundation I was not even close to looking like I wanted to look. I went

through 3 trainers with the same results. It wasn’t until I found a trainer that took me and

taught me how to workout but also about nutrition and how important it is that I thrived. He

did in 6 months what I had tried to do for 2 years. He actually cared about me as a client and

making sure I got results. I will be forever grateful to him for this.

I tell you this story because knowledge is priceless, as a trainer now myself I want to educate

each one of my clients not only to reach their goals but show them how to easily maintain

their results once we reach them. And we do this not by starving ourselves but learning

proper nutrition and customizing individual meal plans and workouts because everyone is

different. Anyone is capable of doing this, it doesn’t take special genetics, ANYONE can

achieve it. Everyone of my clients are like family to me and we go on their journey together

and make it something that can be sustained for a lifetime.

Train Hard, Ronnie

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