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What has happened to work ethic?

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

I was not blessed with the best genetics. I was never the smartest or the most athletic however one thing I did have was work ethic. I can thank my dad for teaching this to me. He

would say you can’t go by how you feel, you just have to go.

One early childhood memory I have is my dad got a side job cutting grass at a church

cemetery, now this was not an in line tombstone cemetery where you could use a riding lawn

mower, no this was a crooked one where you had to use a push mower. To add to that this was a huge cemetery. Now as a kid I thought my dad took this job because he needed the money but as a man I look back and now I know it was for a different reason. This was during the middle of summer and I would get hot and my dad would keep a cooler full of ice cold water on the tailgate of his truck. Me being hot and tired thought I could stop every 5 minutes and get water but NO, his rule is you don’t get water until the job is done. Now at the time I thought my dad was the meanest man on earth and by today’s standards I guess some could say it would be child abuse LOL. It wasn’t until I was a grown man working for a living, where I would see all my coworkers stopping and taking breaks and I wouldn’t stop until my task was done, he was teaching me work ethic. Don’t stop until the job is done.

My mindset is you will not outwork me. You may be smarter, more talented, more athletic, BUT you will not outwork me. If you get up at 5 am I will get up at 4 am. That is how I have succeeded thus far in life. I know the younger generations get a bad rap these days and

sometimes rightfully so but let me tell you, there are still a few driven and hungry for success

younger guys and girls out there.

I am so tired of going to businesses and getting sorry service. Take pride in your job no

matter what it is. That is something that is rare in today's time. Now that I own my own business, customer service is very important to me. I want everybody that walks through my door to feel special and that they are getting 100% of my attention. Every client is so important to me. Without them I wouldn’t have a job.

So the moral of the story is, stop waiting for someone to give you something or thinking someone owes you something. No one owes you anything. Get out there and work for what you want, yes, it is going to be hard and yes there will be people that tell you that it can’t be done but you are the only one in control of your destiny. Don't be afraid to fail because you will, get back up and start over as many times as it takes. Don’t take no for an answer. Every time I get tired, mentally beat and ready to give up, I can still hear my dad telling me as a kid you can’t go by how you feel, you just have to go.

Train Hard, Ronnie

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