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I have been a personal trainer for three years now and have loved every second of it. Most people know me as a gym rat. When I'm not bodybuilding, I can usually be found spending time with my family, studying, playing on the worship team at my church, and helping my clients reach their goals. My personal experience with an eating disorder in high school has given me a unique perspective on food and fitness. Much of the fitness community today encourages overly restrictive diets and excessive cardio. I know firsthand how damaging this mindset can be, not to mention that it's bound to backfire. Instead, I take a more holistic approach to food and fitness. I encourage my clients to listen to their bodies, rather than suppressing their biological cues. I focus on lifting weights and building muscle, instead of spending hours on cardio. It's possible to be mindfully intuitive while still achieving your goals! Whether your goals involve shedding some pounds, getting stronger, learning how to structure your workouts, or simply gaining an understanding of how to balance food, fitness, and life while still reaching your objectives, I'm your girl! 

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I am currently a nursing major at USC Upstate and plan to become an injectable nurse practitioner upon graduation. I cheered throughout high school and continued cheerleading in college, which eventually led me to pursue a career in personal training and fitness. Drawing from my competitive background in cheerleading, I ventured into bodybuilding competitions. I participated in my first bikini competition and proudly secured a 2nd place finish.


I have been trained by Ronnie since I was 14 and have fallen in love with the fitness world. I noticed the pictures hanging in our gym of all the talented bodybuilders and thought it could be a significant goal for me to set for myself to compete in a bodybuilding show. Ronnie helped me achieve that goal with lots of hard work and tears. Not only have I fallen in love with training myself, but I've also developed a passion for training others and witnessing them reach their fitness goals. I am here to do just that. I am very passionate about helping others find happiness in life and feel good about themselves. I believe that when you look good, you feel good, no matter what that looks like for you or where you are in your journey. I want to help you achieve that. I find joy in using my own experience and qualifications to assist people, just like you. I know exactly how you feel because I have walked in your shoes, and I can now help you turn your life around too. Let me help you reach those fitness goals, and together, we can make healthier life choices. We can do this!

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